About us

eHealth Africa is a Cape Town based Occupational Health SaaS and services company providing web based e-health app solutions to medical service providers in Africa. Our product portfolio, Heroh, facilitates real-time collaboration between employers, medical service providers and government stakeholders to increase the productive lives of all workers. Whilst our healthcare focused services arm aims to deliver the highest quality occupational healthcare and healthcare software consulting, we also offer a wide range of other services to help you manage your business.

Our Goals

While our projects span across the eHealth spectrum, we try our best to remain true to our original goals set out in 2015. Summarised, our mission is to:

  1. 1Increase the productive lives of all fellow Africans.
  2. 2Facilitate economic growth in Africa.
  3. 3Identify occupational disease through big data.
  4. 4Enable response by governments, the AU, WHO, ILO and World bank.
  5. 5Enforce ethical behaviour by employers.
  6. 6Effect regulations through active participation by governments.
  7. 7Provide access to electronic health records and certificates of fitness, issued by a certified partner, anywhere in Africa
  8. 8Create an OH vehicle to help penetrate the informal sectors.
  9. 9Create a framework with which to address the wrongs of the past, ie silicosis & TB in the retired communities.